Filing a Claim After Something Was Stolen

A theft claim is pretty common. So common, in fact, that you can obtain an anti-theft device specifically designed for a boat or watercraft that features GPS tracking and monitoring services. Prominent brands in this space are GOST and SPOT. An anti-theft system will alert you when suspicious activity is occurring on the boat. If a sensor is triggered, the anti-theft system will automatically send an alert to your smartphone or tablet. As you can imagine, this can help tremendously to prevent an attempted theft.

 But what if your boat or motor are stolen? The last thing you want to do is scramble to fill out a lengthy claim with your insurance company. That’s why we make the process fast and simple.



You have the option to fill out a short form online or call SkiSafe HQ (800-225-6560) and speak to an adjuster. Our number one priority is to handle your claim as quickly as possible. After reviewing your coverage with you, we’ll want to know all relevant details of what happened. For example - what exactly was stolen, from where, and if it was a partial loss, the price or value of what was stolen.  



Documentation is key. Take pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Video footage is even better.

You’ll definitely want to report this to the government. You’ll also want to file a formal report with the police so that they can investigate the crime and provide us with a copy of the report for our records.



As soon as your claim is approved we’ll issue payment so that you can quickly proceed with any necessary repairs or replacements.  Make sure to review all the materials provided by your adjuster and contact him or her to discuss any questions you may have.



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