Boat Insurance

Insuring a boat — whether it’s a small fishing boat or a luxury yacht — isn’t like insuring a car or a home.  Providing boat insurance that meets the unique needs of boat owners requires complete knowledge, and no one knows more about boat insurance than SkiSafe.  Our exclusive focus on boat insurance allows us to protect your boat and your passengers with coverage that’s tailor-made to your exact needs, and it won’t break your budget.  From jet skis and other personal watercraft to fishing boats to yachts, we will find the right coverage to protect your investment whether it’s on the water or on land.  We will also protect you from liability arising from the use of your recreational watercraft.

More than 300,000 U.S. boat insurance customers have insured with SkiSafe because our team of boat experts understands boaters and their unique insurance needs.  We also understand the importance of having a strong claim service backing your policy.  That’s why our adjusters will work with you to walk through the claim process under your policy every step of the way, should the need arise.

Complete Protection For Recreational Watercraft

SkiSafe has been recognized as one of the best boat insurance companies in the marketplace because our deep knowledge and understanding of boat insurance means we provide the most complete coverage available anywhere.  Your SkiSafe policy offers premier coverage options and service for all of your boating needs, including replacement cost coverage, bodily injury and property damage liability, on-water towing and roadside assistance, and more.  Our underwriting specialists can help you create the policy you need for your fishing boat, sailboat, tournament ski boat, jet ski or any other recreational boat you own.

When you choose SkiSafe as your boat owners insurance provider, you’ll be working with one of the most trusted boat insurance companies. We will work with you as an individual, or through the provider of your homeowners and/or auto insurance. Many homeowners insurance companies don’t offer boat insurance, but SkiSafe can work with your provider to augment your existing policies.

Free Insurance Quote in Minutes

A boat owners insurance policy from SkiSafe gives you the freedom and peace of mind to navigate rough and calm waters with confidence.  No matter what type of insurance you need for your recreational watercraft, we can tailor your coverage to meet your needs today and save you more in the long run with our incredibly low rates.

Click today for a fast and free online boat insurance quote that will give you the right protection for your boat and your passengers.  Or, call one of our boating specialist underwriters for an immediate quote at 1-800-225-6560.