Whether you’re cruising along the Miami beaches, exploring the Florida Keys or fishing in the Everglades, you want to enjoy as much as possible all of the boating pleasure Florida has to offer.  That means you don’t want to spend any time worrying about what might happen if anything happens to your boat.  That’s why boat owners all over the Sunshine State have turned to SkiSafe™ to provide them with complete insurance coverage for their watercraft.  As one of the leading providers of boat insurance in Florida, SkiSafe has the expertise to supply you with the exact type of coverage your boat needs.  With our responsive, knowledgeable service, we can also work with your existing insurance broker to make the process as easy as possible.

Complete Coverage

As a leading Florida boat insurance provider, SkiSafe’s extensive watercraft insurance expertise means you have numerous options for insuring your boat or personal watercraft:

  • All-Risk Coverage: A policy from SkiSafe covers your boat as well as your boat trailer and other insured property for virtually all physical damage.  This includes fire, theft, collision, glass damage, storm damage, auto accidents and more.  Other insurers offer coverage that’s limited to those losses identified in the policy, but SkiSafe understands only covering a few common types of losses isn’t enough for boaters.  That’s why SkiSafe policies cover risks even the safest boater might encounter.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: If your new boat becomes a total loss for any reason within 36 months of purchase, SkiSafe replacement cost coverage will buy you a new version of the same boat.  This includes all options, features and equipment you had at the time of the loss.  Even if it costs more than you paid at the time, SkiSafe can cover the full cost of replacement.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: With agreed value coverage from SkiSafe, we will pay you the total agreed value of your boat in the event of a total loss.  Unlike other insurance providers, SkiSafe won’t try to offer you less than the agreed value or depreciate your watercraft.

Clear Advantages

SkiSafe is known for being one of the top providers of boat insurance in Florida, and for good reason.  In addition to insuring your boat or personal watercraft against damages, we offer protections including:

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance: Not every accident involving a boat happens on the water.  Because auto insurance won’t cover towing your boat, SkiSafe offers towing and roadside assistance.  When you provide your SkiSafe claims adjuster with a copy of the bill from the towing company, we’ll reimburse you up to the policy limit.
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability: SkiSafe policies protect you against liability for bodily injury or property damage arising from your boat ownership.  We will also pay for any legal expenses in your defense.  On top of that, those legal expenses will not reduce the liability available under your policy.
  • Medical Payments: SkiSafe will cover no-fault medical payments for injuries up to $25,000 because nothing is more important to us than boater safety.

We understand how important your boat is to you because we specialize in boat insurance.  That’s why SkiSafe offers the best discounts available and tailors your insurance to meet the specific needs of you and your boat.  SkiSafe may be able to offer you even greater discounts based on your driving record, boating experience and safety course attendance.