Although the miles of Pacific coastline are the most famous, they’re not the only way boaters can enjoy California.  Whether you take a sailboat onto Lake Tahoe, kayak around San Francisco Bay in sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, or cruise the waters around San Diego, there are almost as many ways to enjoy boating in California as there are grains of sand on the beach.  That means boaters in California also have many ways to cover themselves and their property with insurance.  Anyone requiring boat insurance in California needs to choose a provider with a deep understanding of those needs. Not every insurance provider is aware of everything they should know about CA boat insurance needs, but SkiSafe does.

SkiSafe provides more than 500,000 boaters across the country with comprehensive coverage that protects them and their watercraft no matter what kind they have.  We carefully work with you to create a coverage plan that satisfies all your insurance needs.  That’s why SkiSafe is the best source in California for boat insurance.

Full Coverage

As an expert source for boat insurance in California, SkiSafe covers from jet skis to fishing boats to large yachts and everything in between.  Our comprehensive coverage options will protect you and your watercraft in the event of an unfortunate incident with coverage options such as:

  • "All-Risk" Coverage: SkiSafe’s coverage options include fire, theft, striking a submerged object, glass damage, storm damage — even an accident while your boat is being towed.  We will insure your boat, trailer and insured property for almost all physical damage they may incur.  Unlike other insurance providers, we don’t limit our coverage to losses specifically named in the policy.  Our policy will cover risks that the most cautious boater may encounter, even if not identified in the policy.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: If your new boat suffers a total loss within the first 36 months after purchase, SkiSafe will replace it under our Replacement Cost Coverage option.  Even if replacing it costs more than you paid originally, we’ll replace your boat.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: With Agreed Value Coverage from SkiSafe, if your boat is a total loss, we’ll pay the agreed value of your boat at the time your policy started.  You won’t have to worry about depreciation, and we’ll never tell you your boat or related equipment is worth any less than the agreed value.

Complete Liability Protection

In addition to protecting you from damage and theft related to your watercraft, SkiSafe is recognized as a leader in CA boat insurance because of our liability coverage options, which include:

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance: Not all boating accidents happen on the water, unfortunately, and auto insurance won’t protect your boat while you’re towing it.  SkiSafe provides coverage for your boat whether you’re towing it on the water or on the road.
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability: We can protect you against liability for bodily injury or property damage related to your boat ownership.  SkiSafe also pays for all legal expenses in your defense, and those expenses will not reduce the liability available under your policy.
  • Medical Payments: Boater safety is top priority for SkiSafe, and that’s why our policies cover no-fault medical payments for injuries up to $25,000.

Complete Coverage in California

Boaters in California have a lot of options for enjoying the water. SkiSafe is the best source in California for boat insurance!