5 Ways to Save on Boating Costs

1. Lower Fuel Usage

Fuel can get expensive, but you also need it to enjoy your boat. If your boat does not have a fuel meter, we suggest installing one ASAP. This meter will help you monitor your fuel consumption and can help you make a plan to become more fuel efficient. 

Now that you have the ability to monitor your fuel, let’s discuss some tips to lower your fuel usage. First , shed some unnecessary weight. Go through belongings aboard and remove anything not needed. The lighter your vessel, the less fuel you will use. Please do not remove anything you need. It’s better to stay safe and use more fuel than removing an important item.

Slow down. You can save fuel just by slightly lowering your speed. Find the perfect speed that does not hinder your trip, but saves you real dollars.


2. DIY and Maintenance

Mechanics can charge around $90 an hour on maintenance and repairs. If possible, try to perform certain basic maintenance yourself. Marine mechanics will charge for both labor and materials. A lot of this work can be done by the average boater. You can change engine oils, winterize the boat, restore the gel coat, maintain the outboard, and maintain the trailer.


3. Clean 

Clean your boat with every outing! We can’t stress this enough. Preventing reoccurring marine growth can help limit maintenance costs done the road. Removing all barnacles and other marine growth from the boat bottom will also help with fuel usage. Simply rinsing your boat, especially if boating in saltwater, can make a big difference in maintenance needs.

Don’t neglect the interior either. A simple wash with soap and water will do the job.


4. Maintain Trailer

Trailers require just as much maintenance attention as their boats. First, check the tire pressure. Typically written on the tire’s sidewall, there should be a recommended amount of air pressure needed to operate in good condition. Second, inspect the tires’ tread and sidewalls. If you see any cracks, bulges or dry rot, it’s time to replace the tire. Third, keep the tires balanced. This will help prevent uneven wear.

Rinse your trailer with every use. The bones to your trailer are the wheel hubs and bearings. With every use, these components are submerged into water, making them vulnerable to corrosion. To keep them in proper condition, we recommend rinsing the trailer completely after every boating outing.  

Finally, check various parts of your trailer throughout the boating season, including:

  • Bunk Carpeting
  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Turn Signals
  • Brake Lights


5. Buy in Bulk

Think of Costco-level bulking, but for your boat. There are plenty of items that you can buy in bulk that will help save money down the road. We recommend stocking up with all material. Things like engine oil, gel coat, sand paper, disinfectant spray, ropes and more can be bought in a large quantity, helping you to save on the price-per-unit. 



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