Boat Insurance with SkiSafe


With Over 500,000 boaters and nearly 50 years in business, it’s safe to say we are a trusted provider within the boating community. All SkiSafe policies are written on paper rated A+ by A.M. Best. We offer quotes in only minutes, premiums starting at just $85 per year, no credit checks, premier coverage, and a variety of discounts for boaters. 


Buying watercraft insurance is a unique experience, unlike insuring a house or a car. To guarantee success, you will need to navigate a range of factors, many of which are unique to this market. For this reason, having the right boat insurance company is key. A knowledgeable and experienced underwriter can ensure a smooth process - from getting a quote to purchasing a policy to filing a claim. Our boat insurance experts don’t simply bind your policy; they will review the quote with you to make sure you understand your options  so you can choose the coverage that works for you.

You can get a quote within minutes either online or over the phone with one of our experienced underwriters. You’ll only need basic information on the watercraft and an idea of the type of coverage you want to buy. If you are unsure which coverage option is right for you, one of our underwriters can answer any questions about your options. If you would rather get a policy yourself you can do so directly through our online portal. 

Risk Protection

Working with SkiSafe is easy and safe. It is important to have a dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced boat insurance provider by your side. Many boat insurance companies will ask for your social security number and run credit checks, or restrict coverage on your   watercraft based on price, size, and other factors. We will not ask for any of that information or similarly restrict your coverage. We are solely focused on the marine insurance sector, meaning we have the knowledge and resources to make insurance as easy and accessible as possible. 

Qualified Professionals

Throughout this process, having the right team in place is essential. SkiSafe’s experienced underwriters help you select coverage options that can suit your needs. When choosing a boat insurance company, it is important to choose a provider who specializes in watercraft. Experienced underwriters are invaluable because they understand what coverage boaters need, and are best-equipped to review those options with you.

Communication and Relationship Management

Communication is also critical. SkiSafe will not disappear once you purchase your policy. We keep that line of communication open throughout the life of the policy. If any coverage needs to be updated or changed, you can contact us through our website or over the phone. As your dedicated advocates, we constantly work to respond to any questions or concerns so as to provide a smooth experience with your insurance while off the water.














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