Boat Maintenance Tips After a Storm


After a storm has passed, restock and reorganize all hurricane supplies. In terms of supplies, secure extra lines for your boat, fenders, etc. In addition, confirm that all equipment and systems are operational and accessible. Look for all unattached property and identify anything that may have been damaged or lost.



If your boat has been hit by any severe weather conditions (strong winds, heavy rain or storm surge) the engine, machinery, electrical systems, interior or exterior may have been damaged. Give each category a thorough look. If there is extensive damage, contact a professional for assistance. If your watercraft has experienced storm damage and you have named windstorm coverage in your policy, contact your insurance company.

Regardless of damage, your boat was subject to water, wind, and maybe more. Wash and clean the vessel to protect against mildew and dry mud.



Your hurricane preparedness plan can always improve and get better. Take note of how you prepared yourself, your family, and your watercraft for the storm to find things you can do better. For example, maybe you need to find a more secure spot to store your boat. Some good options include a marina or storage facility.

At the end of the day, it’s very important to prepare for hurricanes at the beginning of June. However, it is also important to take the proper actions and precautions once the storm has passed. Obviously, if there was significant damage to your watercraft, you should contact your insurance provider. If the damage was minimal and fixable, however, follow along our suggested steps to maintain your boat after a storm.   



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