How to Work from Your Boat

The first step to turning your boat into a functional workspace is Wi-Fi. Essentially, you’ll need to connect to the world outside, whether via cellphone or internet. As a last resort, you can rely on the cellular data from your phone, connecting to a personal hot-spot. We would highly recommend investing in a Wi-Fi router rather than rely on your data plan. As you know, life on the water can be unpredictable. One second you could have 4 bars, and the next you’re left with none. Not to mention, if you don’t have unlimited data, your cell-phone bill will skyrocket. Installing an onboard wireless network, on the other hand, is quite simple and inexpensive. It is also much more reliable.

Not only will a Wi-Fi router help you work from your boat, but I’m sure your family and friends will appreciate the investment as well. Getting back on track, working from your boat gives you the freedom to spend more time aboard, while getting work done. Studies have shown that having the freedom to work in a way and place you prefer increases productivity, decreases stress, and allows you to produce your best work. That could mean waking up at 6am to watch the sunrise, while crunching numbers on your computer. This flexible work style will allow you to schedule your time accordingly, making for better overall work and productivity. Not to mention, the money you could save on car maintenance and $6 Starbucks mobile orders.

If you’re worried about connecting to and communicating with your co-workers, don’t be. After installing your Wi-Fi router, emailing, calling, and texting will help you stay in the rhythm of your everyday routine.

Overall, the best tips we can give you are to install Wi-Fi and establish a routine when working from your boat. Block out time for certain projects and have a plan for the day. Working remotely has amazing benefits. Take advantage of them and set yourself up right. Analyze the complexities ahead of time and handle them accordingly. From there, you may just produce your best work yet.



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