How to Buy Boat Insurance in a Few Simple Steps


You can easily buy boat insurance with SkiSafe by getting a free quote online or working with an agent/broker. Whichever method you choose, you can boil down the process to a few simple steps:

  1. Gather your information. 
  2. Consider your coverage needs. 
  3. Get a quote.
  4. Get insured.  

Below we’ll advise you on each step of the process. 

Gather Your Information 

Whether you’re buying boat insurance for the first or fifth time, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Basic details: Your name, date of birth, zip code and contact information.
  • Craft information: Type of craft (boat or jet ski), make and model, model year, craft length, number of engines, total horsepower, and total value.
  • Lienholder or marina information (if applicable): Name, contact information, and details of any coverage they require.  

You’ll also answer questions that can help you earn discounts and lower the cost of coverage, such as: 

  • Have you had any auto accidents or violations within the last 5 years?
  • Have you had any DUI/DWI or reckless driving incidents within the last 5 years?
  • Do you have prior boating experience? If so, how many years have you owned a boat? 
  • Is the craft used in freshwater, saltwater, or both? 
  • How much liability coverage do you want? 
  • Is the craft used year-round? (If your craft is not used for 4 consecutive months, you may be eligible for a winter lay-up discount depending on its length). 
  • How do you store the craft in-season? Off-season?
  • Have you had any prior boating claims or losses? 
  • Have you taken a boating safety course? If so, what organization administered the course? (American Sailing Association, Safety at Sea, USCGA, USCG, US Sailing, or other state-approved groups). 

Consider Your Coverage Needs

Before purchasing a boat insurance policy, it is important to determine your coverage needs. You will select coverage amounts (also referred to as limits) and deductibles that apply to your policy. 

  • Policy limits outline the maximum amount an insurer pays for a covered loss. Once that limit is met, the policyholder becomes responsible for the remaining exposure. 
  • Deductibles refer to the amount you agree to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance kicks in for a covered loss. There may be different deductible amounts for different types of losses.  

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While each state has its own insurance requirements, you may want to look at broader coverage for the craft. Here are some common types of coverage to consider: 

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

Liability boat insurance is a type of coverage that compensates third parties when you are responsible for an accident. There are two main components of liability insurance - bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. 

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage applies when other people are injured in an accident that is your fault. It can cover various medical-related expenses such as hospital bills, recovery treatments, and lost wages if the person can’t work while recovering. 

Property Damage Liability Coverage applies to damage you cause to someone else’s property. It could pay to repair or replace another boater’s vessel or property you damaged while boating.   

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"All Risk" Coverage 

“All Risk” covers property damage and loss arising from various risks and perils - such as fire, theft, and collision - except for those that are specifically excluded from the policy. For example, if the policy does not explicitly exclude freeze coverage, then the craft is protected in the event of freeze damage. 

Named Perils Coverage  

A named perils insurance policy only provides coverage for damage from hazards or events specifically stated on the policy. If the boat is damaged by a loss not explicitly named in the policy then there is no coverage for that loss.  

Other Coverages Available

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Property and Equipment
  • Hurricane Haul-out
  • Environmental / Fuel Spill / Pollution
  • Trailer Coverage 

Get a Quote 

There are two routes you can take when getting boat insurance from SkiSafe. Here’s what you need to know about each one 

Boat Insurance Directly From SkiSafe  

When getting insured directly through SkiSafe, simply visit the SkiSafe website to get a boat insurance quote online, review policy options and discounts, and complete the process at your leisure. 

Boat Insurance From an Agent/Broker  

You can also work with an agent/broker, who will serve as your point of contact throughout the process of getting a quote and buying your policy.  

Get Insured 

Once you’ve compared coverage options and received a quote, it’s time to get insured! You will select a start date for the policy and pay your premium. 

Additionally, you will receive proof of insurance and other information relating to your online account (i.e., where to find ID Cards, Declarations Page and other documentation). 

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