Chartplotter Overview


A chartplotter combines both GPS data and embedded charts to identify the location of the watercraft and calculate its speed and direction. The system also determines the time and distance to reach a desired destination. This may require the connection of a remote GPS sensor located below the boat deck. It operates in real-time, continuously updating the status of the watercraft’s position. Some systems can integrate additional components, such as AIS, sounders, radar antennas, and satellite weather status.  

GPS Chartplotter Options:



Chartplotters may also display data from other outlets and sensors, such as fishfinders. In fact, the most popular chart-combo display is the chartplotter/fishfinder integration. This is a good option for smaller vessels with limited dashboard room.  

Chartplotter/FIshfinder Options 



Most chartplotters include preloaded maps and routes for navigation. These routes can be edited at any time during a trip. Each available route will display several waypoints to assist with navigation and help avoid any hazards in the water. Each waypoint along the route is numbered.

Many systems will have the option to purchase additional maps in distant waters if they are needed. In addition, you can upgrade to more detailed and higher resolution maps. 



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