How to Get the Most out of Boat Insurance


Bass boats are built for fishing in freshwater. Their smaller body and swivel chairs are an ideal set-up, allowing anglers to cast out from any angle. They contain multiple storage bins for fishing gear, like tackle, rods, and lures. With all this extra gear and equipment, it’s important to get some extra protection on your policy. We recommend coverage for all fishing equipment aboard. If you commonly take part in fishing tournaments, get coverage for this too. To help avoid a claim, check all equipment and the boat itself after every outing and especially after a tournament.



Another great option for fishermen are center console boats. Center consoles are built for offshore fishing, but can also serve as family boats. They contain deep-V hulls that provide stability in rough water conditions. At SkiSafe, we provide coverage for towing and roadside assistance, as well as bodily injury and property damage. Beyond these essentials, we recommend getting extra protection for rods, reels, electronics, other fishing gear, and extended navigation if needed.



Power cruisers and motor yachts are bigger vessels that work great for extended trips. They have larger engines, allowing you to cover long distances without having to refuel. Luxury watercraft require specific protection. It’s important to insure the vessel for the correct amount, in case of an accident, without overpaying. Our underwriters thoroughly review all surveys to ensure you are getting the right coverage.



Pontoons are ideal for pleasure boating at an affordable price. They feature large decks, lounge areas, sun pads, and lots of seating. Most leisure boats have aluminum decking, making them easy to clean and maintain. We offer coverage for pontoons, tri-toons, and luxury pontoons alike. In addition to standard coverage features like medical payments and liability protection, other useful options here include personal property coverage, a disappearing deductible, and towing reimbursement.



Sailboats are mostly navigated by wind and water. Most do have an auxiliary diesel engine to help with docking and for limited power when there is minimal wind. Although the engine is smaller, it still needs to be maintained properly. Sails and rigging should be replaced when worn, which varies depending on the amount of sailing you do. Aside from the basic wear-and-tear, we recommend getting special coverage for these items in case of damage.



A personal watercraft or jet ski is a fun and affordable way to get out on the water. Fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs are relatively low. In terms of insurance, we recommend securing coverage with an all risk policy that provides coverage for physical damage, liability protection, medical payments, towing, and more.



Tow boats are great for water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and everyday boating. Whether you use the boat for water ski or wakeboard tournaments or simply for everyday cruising, it should have a strong insurance policy. If used for tournaments and clubs, you will likely require higher liability limits. Overall, your policy should cover liability arising from bodily injury or property damage to others and medical payments coverage, along with the basics we’ve covered.



Yachts have quality materials and features that are built to last and take you long distances. From the hull design and propulsion to the on-board design, yachts encompass all aspects of innovation and luxury. Since they are such a significant investment, they should always be backed by a strong insurance company and policy. They require an additional level of care and may require coverage for the captain, crew, and other boat amenities.



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