Winter Boat Storage Checklist

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Floridian boaters are often preparing for hurricane season while the rest of us are preparing for the winter season. Snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures do not mix well with the condition of your watercraft. Proper protection and preparation are necessary to ensure your boat remains safe through the winter and is ready for the next season of warmer weather.  

See our recommendations for winter boat storage.   

  • Use a stabilizer to treat your boat’s fuel. We recommend Pennzoil Fuel Stabilizer, PRI-G, or Stabil. Run your engine for 10 minutes after adding the stabilizer and let it circulate.
  • Use an aerosol fogging solution for the engine cylinders to coat the inside of the engine.  
  • Drain the engine completely. 
  • Change engine oil to prevent the possibility of corrosion and moisture.   
  • Drain gear-case lubricant. If the lubricant is amber-colored or clear, the seals are in good shape.  
  • Check the coolant levels for freshwater cooling systems. Add as needed.  
  • Fill the water strainers with antifreeze.  
  • Run antifreeze through the raw water-cooling system. 
  • Use antifreeze in the air conditioning system. 
  • Replace the anodes and zincs.  
  • Drain gear oil and add fresh lubricant for outdrives.  
  • Drain the water heater and freshwater system. Put antifreeze in the freshwater system.  
  • Drain the shower sump. 
  • Remove all food from the watercraft.  
  • Remove all cushions and electronics.  
  • Secure all ports and cockpit drains.  
  • Plug exhaust ports.  
  • Turn off all circuit breakers.  
  • Shrink wrap the craft if outdoors. 






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