Winter Boat Storage Checklist

  • Use a stabilizer to treat your boat’s fuel. We recommend Pennzoil Fuel Stabilizer, PRI-G, or Stabil. Run your engine for 10 minutes after adding the stabilizer and let it circulate.
  • Use an aerosol fogging solution for the engine cylinders to coat the inside of the engine.  
  • Drain the engine completely. 
  • Change engine oil to prevent the possibility of corrosion and moisture.   
  • Drain gear-case lubricant. If the lubricant is amber-colored or clear, the seals are in good shape.  
  • Check the coolant levels for freshwater cooling systems. Add as needed.  
  • Fill the water strainers with antifreeze.  
  • Run antifreeze through the raw water-cooling system. 
  • Use antifreeze in the air conditioning system. 
  • Replace the anodes and zincs.  
  • Drain gear oil and add fresh lubricant for outdrives.  
  • Drain the water heater and freshwater system. Put antifreeze in the freshwater system.  
  • Drain the shower sump. 
  • Remove all food from the watercraft.  
  • Remove all cushions and electronics.  
  • Secure all ports and cockpit drains.  
  • Plug exhaust ports.  
  • Turn off all circuit breakers.  
  • Shrink wrap the craft if outdoors. 



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