The Funniest Boat Names

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Naming a boat is long-standing tradition that dates back thousands of years. Back in the day, sailors would name their ships after gods, goddesses, and saints to bring good karma to their travels. As time went on, boaters continued to name their vessels, but with a different spin. Boats today aren’t making month-long journeys across the ocean, discovering unknown territories. In 2019, we’re all much less impressive. We’re more on the wavelength of rounding up family, food, and sunscreen and heading out on the water for a few hours. With this lessened responsibility comes an opportunity for more light-hearted, dad joke-like names. Here are some of our favorites.

First up are the punny names and they’re knot too shabby. 

  • Sea Señor
  • Usain Boat
  • Water You Lookin’ At?
  • The Codfather
  • Nacho Boat
  • Cirrhosis of the River
  • Feelin’ Nauti
  • Aquaholic
  • Yeah Buoy
  • Knot on Call
  • B-Yacht’ch
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Pier Pressure
  • Fishful Thinkin’


Next up are the sarcastic names. Just remember – your boat name is just as unique as all the others. 

  • She Got the House
  • Forced Family Fun
  • Unsinkable II
  • Main Mistress
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Error 404 – Fish Not Found
  • In a Meeting


Finally we have the simple funny. Guaranteed light-hearted laughs from every passing boater. 

  • Fishizzle
  • Zombies Can’t Swim
  • Favorite Mistake
  • Finally
  • Here Lil’ Fishy





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