A Guide to Boat Security

The key to boat security is a GPS tracking, anti-theft installation. We highly recommend the brands, SPOT and GOST. They are designed to protect your watercraft from theft with satellite-based GPS tracking, high-powered sensors, and real-time notifications and status updates. These systems will alert you when there is questionable activity occurring on the watercraft. They are sensor-operated, meaning when triggered, the boat owner will receive immediate notification via smartphone or tablet. For even more comprehensive security, opt for the sensors as well as an audible alarm, the ability to disable the battery through your smartphone, and onboard cameras.

Some key highlights of the SPOT system are motion-detecting text and email alerts, advanced satellite technology, GPS tracking, extended battery life, and frequent tracking updates. The GOST system provides similar protection with video surveillance, GPS tracking, wireless sensors, a key fob remote, control through their mobile app, DNA security fog, and an acoustic sound barrier.

To protect the systems and valuables on the watercraft, there are a few options available. First, is an outboard lock. Your outboard is most likely the boat’s most expensive piece of equipment and, unfortunately, the easiest to steal. It makes sense to invest in a heavy-gauge lock that will secure the outboard in place. Outboard locks are relatively inexpensive and effective in securing your watercraft’s outboard. As far as detached equipment, a cable alarm lock can do the trick. Cable alarms use tough wire to wrap around your valuables and then locks into a container holding a lock, battery, and siren. Any attempt to remove the cable will trigger an audible alarm. These work great for personal flotation devices, VHF radios, and more.

Finally, make sure you have theft covered in your insurance policy. If you take all the precautions above, hopefully you will never have to file a theft claim. But, you should always be prepared for the worst case-scenario. Insurance may sometimes require you to have an anti-theft device aboard your vessel . Trust us, a boat insurance policy and GPS tracking, anti-theft device are both worth the investment.  



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