Fall Clean Out - How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter

  1. Consult your boat’s manufacturer or a qualified marine expert for preparation items specific to your boat’s make and model.  
  2. Conduct a pre-winterization inspection to audit the boat’s fenders, dock lines, cushions, and covers, as well as the electrical and mechanical systems.  
  3. For winterization and decommission, change the engine oil and filters including fuel.  
  4. Change the engine coolant. 
  5. Check and adjust all belts.  
  6. Conduct a pressure test on the cooling system.  
  7. Change the transmission fluid and filter. 
  8. Winterize the fresh water system and all appliances.  
  9. Winterize the head, including the holding tank and add a deodorizer.  
  10. Pump out the holding tank. 
  11. Disconnect cables and clean all battery terminals. 
  12. Winterize the air conditioning.  
  13. Winterize refrigeration appliances.  
  14. Winterize the salt water wash-down pump.  
  15. Inspect and clean the shower sump and filter.  
  16. Examine the discharge pump and filter.  
  17. Remove the exterior cushions and canvas. 



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