Prepare Your Trailer Tires for Winter


Constantly check the tires’ tread for excessive wear. The tread is what gives the tire traction to grip the road. Examine each tire (including on your car) for uneven levels. Snow, salt, fluctuating temps, and potholes can cause the tread to wear out rapidly. If you find uneven or excessive damage, your tires are not equipped to handle winter roads and should be replaced immediately.



Check that the tires are properly inflated. Without correct pressure, they may handle differently, risking damage to the trailer and watercraft. Keep in mind – when temperatures drop or fluctuate, the tires will lose pressure. We recommend checking the pressure with every use. Locate the manufacturer’s recommendation and use a pressure gauge to check the level on your tires. If more air is needed, use a compressor to inflate. Be careful not to overinflate as that can be just as dangerous.   



A boat is a heavy object to trail in ideal conditions. Towing a boat in winter adds even more risk of potential damage. Make sure your car or truck is durable enough to tow a boat through winter road conditions. We don’t mean through a snowstorm (that would be a bad idea), but additional potholes, icy road conditions and salted roads are among the hazardous conditions winter can present. We recommend using a vehicle that is 4WD.



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