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About SkiSafe | The Water Ski Community

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SkiSafe is here to protect your boat. Exclusively servicing the boat and PWC community for over 25 years, we insure small jet skis to luxury yachts and everything in between. However, as the name suggests, SkiSafe originally made its mark with a focus on serving the water ski community.

Between handling promotional boats for avid skiers and clubs to working with USA Water Ski and its members, SkiSafe is intimately familiar with the unique insurance issues facing water skiers. The team at SkiSafe knows how to handle coverage for water ski tournaments and understands the relationship between ski boat owners and the private lakes they operate on. We also understand the higher liability limits that tournament and club skiers require and doesn’t make these boaters perform any additional jumps to obtain them. These are a few reasons why SkiSafe is known as one of the most trusted boat insurance providers in the industry. Here are a few other ways that SkiSafe stands out from the pack on the lake.

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