Private Yacht Vacations - Here's the Deal


Boutique yacht experiences – sounds awesome right? With coronavirus putting the cruise industry on pause, this expensive alternative has actually been on the rise. People want to hit the water and get away from the urban epicenters of the virus. Many have been turning to private yacht experiences to do this.

There has been a major shift from vacationing at big resorts or on cruise ships to more private and secluded alternatives. Many companies have seen big increases in booking private yacht experiences. Similarly, we have found many people across the country are turning to personal watercraft as a summer vacation alternative. It’s interesting to think if this is our “new normal” in terms of vacations. When the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, will vacationers turn back to those large hotels and cruise lines? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, back to boutique yacht experiences. This may seem like an extremely luxurious way to vacation in 2020, but in fact, it’s not just for the ultra-rich. These private companies have noted that many families or groups of friends have inquired. A catamaran, for example, will include food, fuel, and a place to sleep for numerous guests. When split per person, it doesn’t average much more than a nice hotel.

What’s great is that the yacht is in a completely controlled environment. Everyone on board is properly tested and the crew is constantly sanitizing surroundings. Keeping the vessel clean and safe is manageable in a smaller, finite space. Additionally, the destination and itinerary is also very flexible. Passengers can decide when and where to stop ashore (or not). It’s completely up to you.

In conclusion, we have seen for many months now people getting creative with their summers. Boutique yachting is just another way to do that. We understand this option is not feasible for many (myself included), but it’s interesting to look at the different ways people are making the most of their summers. As for myself, I’ll be spending most of my summer at the beach and reading about boutique yachting online. But, it’s definitely intriguing to get different perspective and see how different people are dealing with the current circumstance in their own ways. 

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