Wishing I Was Fishing

I have loved fishing and boating for as long as I can remember. Something I remember just as vividly as getting seasick.

People would offer various suggestions including Dramamine, staying away from coffee, and getting a good night’s sleep before hitting the water, but nothing would work. So what to do? While there is no guaranteed way to avoid seasickness, after much trial and error, here are some suggestions that have helped this avid boater over the years:

Food Awareness

Monitor your consumption of food, drinks, and alcohol before and during a boating trip. Anything that makes you feel excessively full may cause seasickness. Non-greasy foods are best, and be sure to stay hydrated during the trip.

Rest Up

Get some rest the night before! Plenty of apps can remind you to get to bed on time. Go To Bed is one of my favorites. Give it a try before your next day on the water.

Motion Sickness Bands

These bands apply pressure to your wrists and help prevent nausea.

Avoid Fumes

Stay away from the boat’s diesel fumes. You can use a neck gaiter to help cut the fumes.

Gaze on the Horizon

Keep your eyes on land or the horizon. Staring at the waves will only make your seasickness worse.

Treat Yourself

Ginger ale or candies work best – treat yourself!

In Conclusion

Hopefully these tips help make the best of your days out on the water. Whether you are trolling for fish or just cruising the sea, we want to eliminate feeling queasy and help you find a fun, easy day on the water!

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