Towing and Roadside Assistance Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t let a breakdown stop you from enjoying a day out on the water. Learn more about how you can be better protected with SkiSafe’s towing and roadside assistance coverage options.

What is towing and roadside assistance coverage?

Towing and roadside assistance is a type of insurance coverage for towing your boat on land or water. Whether you need a tow to safe harbor or assistance with a broker trailer, help is around the corner with SkiSafe’s towing and roadside coverage. 

If you’re stranded, contact a local service provider for immediate assistance. Our towing and roadside assistance plans will reimburse you for those costs after a covered claim.

How do I get towing and roadside assistance coverage?

Purchasing roadside assistance and towing coverage is easy. You can add this type of coverage to your boat insurance policy in a few ways: 

  • Go to to access your coverage options
  • Contact your agent or broker
  • Contact SkiSafe by phone (800-225-6560), email (, or live chat

What does towing and roadside assistance cover?

The towing portion of this coverage will help if you are unable to return to safe harbor on the water. If your boat is inoperable, call a rescue service for a tow. SkiSafe may cover the costs for that tow subject to the coverage limit chosen on your policy

Roadside assistance will provide insurance if you trailer your boat. Let’s say you break down while trailering your boat. This type of coverage could reimburse you for services if your boat is disabled like: 

  • Towing your trailer to a repair facility
  • Delivery of parts, equipment or emergency labor while the boat is not in safe harbor

 Keep in mind - this is something your auto insurance policy will not cover.  

How does towing and roadside assistance insurance work?

Including this coverage in your policy allows you to benefit from towing and roadside help year-round.

SkiSafe’s towing and roadside assistance coverage lets you choose from multiple rescue services either on the water or on land. You are not required to use a specific service. This allows you to obtain the help you need as quickly as possible. For example, if you require immediate assistance, you can reach out to several services to find the one with the fastest turnaround time. Then, once your boat has returned to safe harbor you can contact the SkiSafe team to file a claim and request reimbursement.

How much does towing and roadside assistance coverage cost?

The cost to include towing and roadside assistance will depend on different factors personal to you and your boat. Some of these factors include: 

  • Boat type
  • Age of the craft
  • Location
  • Experience level
  • Driving record  
  • And more

Do I need towing and roadside assistance?

The possibility of being stranded on water or land is not sound ideal. Towing and roadside assistance insurance may give you peace of mind if you’re worried about something like this. 

This type of coverage is even more important if you own and operate an older boat, where there may be a greater possibility of becoming stranded. Additionally, if you trailer your boat, having roadside assistance coverage can protect your trailer if it sustains damage, like a flat tire.  

Many of our customers take advantage of this coverage and add it to their policy. You never know when you will need some extra help. You can rest assured knowing SkiSafe has your back with comprehensive coverage options, like towing and roadside assistance.

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