Top Signs Its Time to Switch Boat Insurance Companies


Whether you’ve had your current boat insurance coverage for a few weeks or a few years — there are many reasons why you may want to explore other options. Maybe when you purchased the boat you were in a hurry to get coverage and picked something quickly. Or maybe you’ve been with your insurance provider for years but heard there are better prices out there. 

At SkiSafe, getting insurance for your boat is both easy and affordable. We offer online insurance services, a stress-free sign-up process, and quality customer support. If you want to explore your coverage options or are thinking of switching carriers, we share why others made the leap to SkiSafe below.

You Had a Bad Claim Experience 

There’s no reason to stay with an insurance carrier that does not pay for a covered claim within a reasonable time frame. If you’ve experienced ultra-long wait times before the claim was resolved, or possibly no response at all, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. Any carrier that has been consistently unhelpful and unresponsive does not deserve your business. Insurance claims should be quick and painless. 

How SkiSafe Handles Your Boat Insurance Claim

We aim to make the claims process hassle-free and settle everything as quickly as possible. Ultimately, your insurance policy is designed to work for you and protect you from unexpected damages or loss – especially when you need it the most. At SkiSafe, we will always help you through the boat insurance claims process and determine the appropriate next steps. 

Your Current Company Is Difficult to Work With 

Insurance can be complicated and somewhat confusing. It doesn't help if your company is difficult to deal with. Everyone you speak to should be responsive, helpful, and supportive - whether it’s explaining coverage in simple terms or sending your requested documents promptly. 

SkiSafe: Customer Service 

At SkiSafe, we answer all questions and concerns clearly and promptly. Our policies offer premier service and coverage to satisfy your boating needs and protect your interests. We also continuously look for new ways to make your life easier and your coverage more accessible. On the self-service portal, for example, you can update information, add/change coverage, and request documents anywhere, anytime. 

The Coverage Is Too Expensive and Doesn’t Provide Enough Value 

Protecting your boat shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re overpaying for your coverage and other providers in the industry charge significantly less, it’s time to consider moving to a carrier with better rates and value.

How SkiSafe Determines Your Boat Insurance Premium

We exclusively service the boating community, which means our policies are competitively priced and personalized to the individual boater. SkiSafe underwriters are seasoned experts that analyze and evaluate customer needs to ensure the right coverage is provided. There is no “one size fits all” mentality. 

Premium is largely based on the information provided in your application. Here are some of the key factors used when setting your boat insurance rate:

  • Age
  • Driving record
  • Claims history
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Type of watercraft
  • Type of coverage
  • Coverage limits
  • Seasonal usage
  • Storage method
  • And more... 

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How to Switch to SkiSafe 

You can get a free boat insurance quote online with only a few clicks on the SkiSafe site. This is an important first step before purchasing a boat insurance policy. It allows you to compare different coverage options and get an estimate for the cost of coverage.  

Before you jump ship, check your policy for cancellation fees. You’ll also want to avoid a lapse in your coverage and purchase your new insurance a day or two before ending your current coverage. 

It’s also important to contact your soon-to-be previous insurance provider and officially start the cancellation process. Some providers allow you to schedule when you want your coverage to end, so you can avoid a coverage gap. You may also have questions about open claims, fees, or refunds for unused policy periods.

Finally, get your proof of insurance (it is emailed to you and always accessible via the self-service online portal) and notify any third parties of the insurance change. 

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