Sailboat Insurance Guide: Cost Coverage and More


Navigating the wondrous waters of the world under sail brings an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Whether embarking on exhilarating voyages off the coast or simply enjoying small moments at your local lake, it’s important to protect yourself with adequate sailboat insurance. 

In this article, we round up the many aspects of boat insurance and explain everything you need to know about sailboat coverage. 

Sailboat Insurance: The Basics

Your sailboat needs protection when it’s in use, stored, floating at the dock, or in dry storage. To summarize, it can get damaged anytime, anywhere. You’re also liable for expenses if you injure someone else or damage someone else's property. 

Sailboat insurance is designed to protect both you and your vessel from financial loss. Depending on the coverage and limits of the policy, your insurance may protect you from any one of those scenarios. 

At SkiSafe, we are equipped to insure all types of vessels, from personal watercraft to yachts to sailboats. Instead of applying ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies across the board, we offer highly customizable coverage options that safeguard your needs as a sailboat owner and operator. 

SkiSafe Sailboat Insurance


A policy that covers your sailboat for damages it could incur is referred to as an “all risk” plan. This type of policy covers your boat from various perils, like fire, collision vandalism, theft, and more. It also considers other risks like bodily injury or property damage to others.

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Policies can include coverage for weather-related events as well, such as strong winds, freezing temperatures, and hurricanes. In addition to these protections, sailboat insurance policies can provide coverage for wreckage removal, fuel spill cleanups, towing/roadside assistance, mechanical breakdowns, and more. 

Since sailing vessels have rigging, sails, and other equipment that is different from power boats, there are a few specifics to consider when getting insurance for a sailboat. These considerations are dependent on the specific vessel and navigation territory, which is why it’s critical to partner with an insurer like SkiSafe that has extensive boating knowledge.

Sailboat Insurance: Requirements

Most states do not require sailboat insurance unless you live in Utah or Arkansas. 

Typically, there are two scenarios when you’re required to have an insurance policy on your sailboat:

  1. If you have a loan on it and your lender requires an insurance policy to protect their investment. 
  2. If you want to store your sailboat at a marina or yard and they require you to have liability insurance to do so. 

Even if you’re not required to obtain insurance for your sailboat, you should not leave a significant and valuable purchase uninsured. Coverage for potential damages or liabilities could save you from a hefty bill down the road. 

Sailboat coverage is especially important if you:

  • Sail regularly
  • Have a new, expensive sailboat
  • Live in an area with unpredictable weather conditions
  • Can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost if the sailboat was damaged, experienced a loss, or was stolen.

Sailboat Insurance: Cost 

The cost of sailboat insurance varies by the age of the vessel, its length and value, and location, along with other factors unique to you and your sailboat. Rates are also affected by the coverage limits on the policy. 

Your premium is only a fraction of the cost compared to paying for a major repair or replacement out-of-pocket. Sailboat insurance coverage is actually one of the most affordable, yet rewarding bills associated with owning watercraft.

Plus, there are several ways to cut costs and bring down your boat insurance rate. You may qualify for a discount, like completing a certified boating safety course, navigating your boat in a limited territory, etc. Having sailing history or experience is another plus when it comes to your insurance rate. Typically, if you have a long, safe track record of sailing, it will be reflected favorably in your premium. 

What You Need For a Sailboat Insurance Quote

If you’re ready to get a quote from SkiSafe and protect your sailboat, there is some basic information you’ll need to provide:

  • Make and model
  • The year it was built and its length
  • Hull Identification Number
  • Where and how it will primarily be stored
  • Your name, address, email address, and boating history

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