Balancing Parenting and Work Life During This Crisis


Can we do it all?

Remote work and remote school is the new normal in this pandemic. Managing a full-time job while caring for your children is not an easy task. Entertaining, cooking, and helping with kids’ schoolwork with on one hand, while jumping on a zoom call or emailing your boss with the other, can be hard to balance. So how do you do it?

We don’t have the magic answer, but we do have some advice that can help you handle all these responsibilities.

1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Our top, number one tip is to come up with a game plan and create a schedule, both for you and your kids. Block out time on your calendar to complete all work tasks for that day. Literally, write these things in your calendar, online or by hand. Aim to complete these specific tasks in their designated timeframes. With your work schedule, try not to get caught up in how things used to be. Focus on what works for you now and build on that.

If your kids are in school, write down a schedule for them as well. It can include things like meals, zoom calls with teachers, homework, playtime and chores. This is a great way to keep your kids busy throughout the day.

2. Workspace

Find a workspace that can become your new “office”. This will help compartmentalize home-life and work-life. Choose a spot that is quiet and comfortable. Before you know it, this makeshift home office will start to feel more and more normal over time. 

Designate a “classroom” for your kids. Give your kid a desk or table that can function as their makeshift classroom. Hopefully this will help shift their focus to school-mode when in this space.

3. Alone Time

Schedule alone time in the calendar. We all know time to yourself can be monumental for your mental health, especially during these trying times. It only takes 10 minutes to help you reset and regain sanity.

Alone time is great idea for your kids too. This is also a great opportunity to teach your children to play by themselves. Independent play has developmental benefits for children, allowing them to learn and figure things out on their own. Not to mention, this will free up time for you to get some work done. 

4. Exercise

Whether it’s a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood, yoga session, or intense HIIT workout, exercise will release endorphins and help your day feel productive. Adding a regular exercise routine will help normalize your day as well. Movement will do wonders for the body and mind when stuck quarantining in the house. You might feel like your day is dedicated to others, between work and kids, but exercising can be something you do for you.                                                

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