Coronavirus - Where Boating is Open


COVID-19 has affected our daily lives in unprecedented fashion. Luckily, safety regulations on recreational boating have not been as severe as those affecting other activities.  As a result, boating remains one of the few things doable for Summer 2020.

That’s not to say boating communities haven’t been impacted. Recreational boating regulations vary state-by-state and often track state park restrictions. As of mid-May, here are the state-by-state breakdowns on both outdoor activities and boating access alike.


  • Most state parks remain open
  • Boating access areas remain open


  • State parks remain open
  • Boating access areas remain open and boating and fishing is encouraged if you can remain isolated




  • Marinas, boat clubs, charters, and boat ramps reopened on May 8th 
  • State beaches remain closed


  • Colorado state parks remain open for all outdoor recreation, but all Colorado Parks and Wildlife park visitor centers, playgrounds, picnic areas and campgrounds are closed to the public until further notice
  • Boating and fishing are allowed in state parks during the stay-in-place order as long as boaters follow government guidelines


  • State parks and forests remain open
  • Outdoor facilities remain open, including boat launches, marinas, and boatyards


  • State parks and wildlife areas remain open
  • Delaware beaches are scheduled to reopen in mid-May, excluding a few specific locations


  • Boat ramps and other access points in Miami-Dade and numerous other counties are open, subject to restrictions on boat ramp launch procedures and the number of people aboard. Boaters also cannot anchor within 50-feet of another boat. Most of Florida’s coastal counties have opened their beaches, with the exception of South Florida, Pasco and Hillsborough counties.
  • FWC recommends that you check with local authorities for current boat ramp status. All recreational boats must be at least 50 feet apart. Each recreational vessel must not have more than 10 people on board.


  • State parks, including boat launches and fishing piers remain open


  • Numerous, popular state parks have reopened as of May 2nd for access to ocean recreation, mauka trail use, and general exercise
  • No more than two people are allowed on any boat in Hawaii’s water for recreational purposes, unless they are part of a single residential or family unit sharing the same address


  • Idaho state parks and boating access points remain open for daytime use


  • State parks reopened on May 1st
  • All visitor centers, campgrounds, playgrounds, shelter reservations, interpretive educational programs, beaches, special events and concessions remain closed
  • Boating access is restricted to two people per boat, regardless of the relationship of the people in the boat 


  • State parks, state forests, fish and wildlife areas, nature preserves, and state recreation areas are open


  • State parks, forests and preserves remain open


  • Kansas state parks, fishing lakes and wildlife areas are currently open to the public
  • Boating and boating access is not restricted


  • Most Kentucky state parks are open, but Natural Bridge and Cumberland Falls state resort parks are closed
  • Boating and boating access is not restricted



  • State parks and public lands remain open
  • Inland waters have been open to recreational boating and fishing as of March 20, 2020
  • Marinas, boatyards, marine dealerships and boating access points are open


  • Boating, fishing, state parks and beaches reopened on May 7th subject to social distancing regulations


  • Inland boat ramps and canoe launches within state parks, forests, wildlife management areas, boating access facilities and other state-owned properties remain open for use by boats
  • Boat ramps are open subject to social distance regulations
  • Recreational boating is permitted with only persons from the same household on a boat at one time


  • Michigan state parks, recreation areas, trails and other state-managed lands remain open
  • Boat launches and parking lots at access sites remain open but their amenities may be closed


  • State parks, recreation areas, campgrounds and other public lands remain open
  • Recreational boating is permitted
  • Bait shops, marina services, dock installation services, boat repair, public and private trails, and golf courses have reopened


  • State lakes and state park lakes reopened for fishing and boating in late April


  • Montana state parks are open
  • Fishing: fishing piers are open but social distancing guidelines are to be strictly followed


  • Nebraska state parks and recreation areas remain open
  • Some undesignated beach areas will remain open for walk-in access and fishing with social distancing 



  • New Hampshire state parks, boating and boating access points remain open
  • Anglers are urged to continue practicing social distancing recommendations


  • New Jersey state and county parks have reopened
  • Recreational boating is permitted
  • Boaters are reminded they cannot congregate in parking lots, at boat ramps or at popular fishing locations


  • Marinas and boat launch sites are open where conditions allow
  • State parks, trails and grounds of historic sites are open however visitors are encouraged to practice social distancing


  • Several North Carolina state parks are closed. Parks that adhere to social distancing guidelines remain open
  • For a list of boating access area closings, click here


  • North Dakota outdoor recreational facilities, including boat ramps that are accessible to the Missouri River and wildlife management areas remain open
  • State-operated marinas have reopened


  • Ohio state parks, wildlife area, forests and nature preserves mostly remain open, including trails, dog parks, and docks


  • Oklahoma state parks remain open and effective social distancing is encouraged


  • Oregon state parks are offering limited day-use services
  • Beach access is closed in many areas
  • National forests have closed most established recreation sites including campgrounds, trailheads and restrooms
  • All boat launches inside closed state parks are closed
  • Other boat launches may be available


  • Pennsylvania boating facilities, trails, lakes, roads and parking are open
  • Boating is an acceptable form of outdoor activity per the stay-at-home guidelines


  • Some state parks are open with restrictions as part of a gradual reopening of parks
  • Currently boating and marina operations are allowed as long as boaters are not within a park that is closed
  • Boat ramps are open except for those located within state parks


  • South Carolina state parks opened
  • Recreational boating is permitted 


  • South Dakota state parks are open
  • Public boat launches remain open to the public


  • Most Tennessee state parks are open for day-use
  • Most trails, boat ramps, marinas, golf courses and other outdoor recreation opportunities are open
  • If going to any location to boat or fish, be sure to check with the managing authority to make sure that place is open for recreation. There are several localities and counties that have closed some parks and boat ramps.


  • All Texas state parks are open for day use only
  • Some boating and fishing access points are closed. To determine if the access site you’d like to visit is open, read more here


  • On May 15th, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area reopened access to several boat ramps, overnight camping and other park activities. For more information, click here.
  • Utah state parks remain open


  • Vermont state parks and boating facilities are open


  • Virginia Wildlife Management Area lakes and rivers operated by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries are open and boating is allowed
  • Check with local county and city governments for any additional closures of parks, lakes or piers


  • State managed boat ramps and launches, parks, wildlife areas and recreational lands reopened


  • West Virginia day-use park and forest areas, including hiking and biking trails and fishing lakes remain open for public use


  • Currently, some Wisconsin State Park properties are closed and some are open
  • Boat launches are open at open state properties
  • All anglers and recreational boaters should practice social distancing and keep travel to a minimum


  • Wyoming state parks remain open
  • The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is encouraging social distancing and to avoid congregating with others in parking lots, public access areas and trailheads

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