Performance Pontoons and Tritoons


There are a lot of reasons boaters love pontoon and tritoon boats – they’re great for entertaining, packed with comfort and large lounge areas, and they have excellent performance capabilities.

Performance is not generally top-of-mind when considering a traditional or luxury leisure boat, but in fact, modern-day pontoons are well-equipped with power and handling options similar to a V-hull design.

Here’s a further look at leisure pontoons and tritoons that perform just as well as they entertain.

What’s the Difference Between a Pontoon and Tritoon? 

If you’re a boating beginner, you may be wondering what makes a pontoon a pontoon and a tritoon a tritoon.

A pontoon boat is designed with a flattish deck that can hold sizable lounge areas, sun pads, and seating. They have two large aluminum tubes beneath the deck. Pontoons rely on these floats to remain buoyant, allowing boat manufacturers to create massive deck plans filled with a wide range of accommodations.

A tritoon, on the other hand, is a triple-hull pontoon boat. Instead of two aluminum tubes, they have a third tube beneath the deck that sits in the center. This allows for weight to be distributed more evenly on the water, increasing the structure’s stability and performance capabilities.  

Each is a great choice for private pleasure boating at an affordable price while a triton is better suited for higher speeds because of the stability provided by a third tube.

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Pontoon and Tritoon Maintenance

Most pontoons and tritoons are made with an aluminum decking surface, making them very easy to keep clean. They require basic maintenance, including regular checks for dents and leaks, frequent rinses to prevent corrosion, winterization, and proper storage.

Pontoon and Tritoon Insurance

Private pleasure boats should be properly insured to manage risk both on and off the water. SkiSafe insures traditional pontoons, tritoons, and luxury pontoons – all at an affordable price. We will consider your interests, and tailor your insurance coverage based on a variety of factors.

For example, if your boat is mainly used for fishing, we can add gear and equipment coverage. The same goes for avid water skiers and wakeboarders. SkiSafe also offers medical payment coverage, a disappearing deductible, towing reimbursement, and more.

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 Popular Performance Pontoon and Tritoons 

Bennington 25 QX Fastback


  • LOA: 27’3’’
  • Beam: 8’6’’
  • Draft (Max): 2’9’’
  • Dry Weight: 4,154 pounds
  • Seat Capacity: 15
  • Weight Capacity: 1,700 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 50 gallons

Key Features 

  • Quad Bench: this floorplan features a Quad Bench configuration, which aims to maximize storage, seating, and overall lounge space. 
  • Swingback: The floorplan also allows for dual seating capabilities, letting passengers face forward or backward depending on preference. 
  • Stern Lounge: There are twin lounge seats that give passengers a vista view from the aft of the craft.  


This Bennington has a molded fiberglass bow, paired with a 350 HP Yamaha outboard, allowing the boat to charge ahead sharply through the water. The central tube is 32-inches in diameter and elliptical, along with 25-inch outer pontoons. It handles similarly to a V-hull design.

Lowe SS250 WS


  • LOA: 25’7’’
  • Beam: 8’6’’
  • Hull Weight: 2,641 pounds
  • Deck Length: 25’
  • Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Max HP: 150 HP
  • Seat Capacity: 13-14
  • Weight Capacity: 2,475 pounds

Key Features 

  • Construction
  • Bow and stern mooring cleats
  • Built-in fuel tank
  • Port and starboard raised fiberglass consoles with integrated kick panel
  • Stern entry with 4-step boarding ladder
  • 9’ Bimini top with boot and quick disconnects
  • Tach, GPS speedometer, and fuel and trim gauge
  • Treated plywood floors with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel hardware

Comfort and Convenience


  • Reclining helm and passenger seat with swivel and slider
  • Plexiglass table
  • Marine audio with 4 speakers



The Lowe SS250 power steering gives smooth control and the Mercury throttle easily maintains torque with gradual buildup and instead of dumping HP all in one shot. Additionally, the protective keel guards are great when bracing for impact and the triple tubes provide the buoyancy needed for a smooth and steady ride through rough wakes.


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