The Best Waterproof Phone Cases for a Boat Day


Keeping your phone dry while boating is essential, though saying so and doing so are two very different things.

Picture this: you’re on the boat with the fam. The sun is shining and everyone’s enjoying a lovely day out on the water. Cut to: a splash and the visual of your 17-year-old’s phone swimming in the ocean. Sure enough, there’s nothing worse than a teenager losing connection to their friends and ability to capture an Instagram-worthy pic.

Even if you were able to scuba dive your way down the bottom of the ocean and scoop up the phone, it won’t work again. And if your  photos weren’t backed up on iCloud, it’s game over

Instead of further testing your luck, let us introduce you to waterproof phone cases. Your waterlogged worries will be history in no time.

Here are some of our favorites.

Catalyst Total Protection Waterproof Case

If you’re extremely prone to accidents, this is the case for you. It offers total protection, with a fully sealed and thoroughly tested covering. This case can withstand conditions from a casual day out on the boat to a snorkeling adventure.

It can be immersed into 33-feet of water, which is about the height of a telephone pole, for reference. On land, it can survive a drop of up to 6.6-feet, offering an impressive level of durability. The case also comes with a lanyard so nothing will drift away from you.

Price: $89.99 

Lifeproof FRE Case

This is the perfect case for both day-to-day, leisurely activities and some of the more adventurous items on your to-do list. It protects against snow, water, and drops from 3-feet or less. The waterproof feature can protect your device in water up to 3-feet deep for over an hour.

The outer body is slim, with a modern-looking silhouette. It even comes in a few different color options (black, blue, and violet). It’s an ideal choice for those constantly trying to keep up with an aesthetically pleasing look.

Not to mention, it’s made with 60% recycled plastic. We love a good environmentally-friendly option. 

Price: $89.99

AquaVault Waterproof Floating Phone Case

What’s a floating phone case you may ask? Let us rock your world. This case from AquaVault will not only protect against water damage, but it stays afloat while doing so.  

Looking for a phone case that can also float is something you may not have considered. But spending time in deeper bodies of water, like a lake or ocean, makes a floating case a worthwhile option.

Fun fact: this is one of Shark Tank’s success stories.

Price: $29.95

Otterbox DryBox 3250 Series

Go with this option if you’re extremely nervous about exposing your phone to moisture. This DryBox from Otterbox is very durable.

If you’re heading into the unknown, your phone may require something more upscale than a waterproof case. This is where the box comes in. In fact, it’s exactly what you may be envisioning – a heavy-duty case to store your phone.

It can outlast up to 90-feet of water (wow) for around 30 minutes or less. The case can do so thanks to its pressure release slot design. The design also has a polycarbonate shell and inner foam layer, which allows for heavy impact drops. 

Plus, it has a ton of storage room to hold your phone and another small item, like keys or a wallet.

Price: $39.99

Case-Mate Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

Finally, we have a more leisurely option. This phone pouch from Case-Mate is best for modest water exposure, but not literally submerging your phone into water. 

If you think you may be in the vicinity of water, this pouch can protect against splashes and surges. So, whether you’re having a beach day or afternoon boat ride, this could be a good go-to.

Price: $20

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