How to Make a Smaller Boat Feel More Spacious


The key to living large in a smaller boat, is cutting down to the essentials. It is likely you are bringing bags upon bags of extra clothes, towels, food, and maybe an outdoor game or two for only a few hours on the water.

Go through your bag and ask yourself - am I going to use this?  I can assure you that your answer will be no for around half of it. Leave all those extra items at home.



Now that you’ve cut down on everything you’re bringing onto the boat, it is time to go through the actual boat. I bet there is a lot of unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the years. Grab some trash bags and spend a few hours going through every inch of your boat and get rid of all the rummage.

Once you have decluttered, it is time to do a deep clean. Start with the carpet. It has probably endured the worst of it with the dirt on our shoes, spilt food and drinks, and maybe even some fish gunk. Use either a garden hose or power washer to spray down the entire carpet. Once the water has forced all the dirt to come to the surface, use a vacuum to clean it all up. While you’re using the garden hose or power washer, use it on the boat’s hull, getting rid of any surface dirt, stains or discolorations.

Now it is time to give the boat consoles some attention. Use an all-purpose cleaner or Clorox wipes to clean every inch. For all glass areas, use Windex. Don’t ignore the electronics; use a soft, dry cloth to wipe them down.

Finally, take a marine vinyl cleaner and protectant to the seats of your boat (only if you have vinyl seating). Your seats can break down from the constant exposure to UV rays. The vinyl cleaner will not only give them a deep clean, but also provide protection for the future.

All these steps will help with long-term boat maintenance, while also opening up the space.



Make use of all your hidden storage. Whether it is beneath the seats or at the front of the boat, make sure these storage areas are organized and being utilized to the fullest. Using all these spaces will really open up the basic layout of your boat.



I’ll keep this one short, sweet, and simple - simplicity is crucial when it comes to small boats. Don’t fill your boat with unnecessary junk and keep it clean. Spacious, small boats may be an oxymoron, but it is possible when you follow these easy tips and tricks.


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