Top Picks - The Best Outdoor Gear for Winter Boating and Other Outdoor Activities


Long days outdoors with high winds and chilly weather can only mean one thing – it’s time to layer up. From snow-capped ice fishing to cold-weather boat rides, the right clothing and proper layers always complete a low-temperature adventure.

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While you might not need gloves and a furry hat every time you step outside, it’s good to be prepared and they might come in handy when you least expect it to. Another must is a lightweight, insulated jacket that can be easily stored on your boat and won’t feel like an overly hefty tag-along item. It’ll allow for sufficient movement, while keeping you toasty warm inside.  

In addition to the insulated jacket, we’ve rounded up some of the best winter gear to keep you warm while on the boat or enjoying a different kind of outdoor venture.

Merino Tech Trainer Hybrid Gloves

There’s nothing worse than a cold weather outing paired with icy water inside your gloves or socks. Once that happens, there’s no turning back – guaranteed chilly hands and feet for the remainder of your adventure. Investing in quality, warm gloves can make the difference between a constant distraction and being able to enjoy your time on the water without worry.

These gloves from Merino are highly breathable with a zone construction build for high-energy pursuits. They have this stretchy jersey material with a protective woven overlay and touchscreen compatible fingers (so you won’t have to take them off every time you want to use your phone).

Refrigi Roll Top Bag

Whether headed on a weekend work trip or a rugged 20-mile hike, this backpack from Refrigi will do the trick. It’s very functional in terms of use and durability. You can choose to wear it as a backpack or roll it like a suitcase.

There are also many pockets located throughout the bag, including a laptop compartment and large front pocket, making for prime storage space. It’ll be able to hold some of your boating gear and personal items alike. It’s made from a tear-resistant nylon material, which will help to ensure you’ll get many uses out of it.

Dasche Down Jacket

This jacket was built for avid outdoor adventurers. It can be used during intense conditions or for more casual day-to-day wear. The best part being – there is hardly any bulk with this jacket, yet it somehow manages to keep you very warm.

Dasche carefully places the insulation, which is targeted with the coverage of a vest and the protection of a heavy jacket. It can even retain heat while wet (an ideal type of craftsmanship for all types of boaters).  Plus, the insulation is made from 100% post-consumer recycled textiles.

In terms of movement and durability, the jacket has a water-repellent coating and 4-way stretch near the forearms, underarms, and sides for ultimate protection and dexterity. It also has a hood that cinches to help retain heat.

Danner Waterproof Shoes

Year-round boaters are no stranger to a life lived outdoors through the wet and cold. Durable, waterproof shoes are an absolute must when bearing the brunt of temperatures below freezing. Any pair from the Danner Weatherized Collection will help immensely in your pursuit of some epic winter boating explorations.  

They have a great fit and are guaranteed to keep all your toes toasty warm during some of the coldest months of the year. The midsole is designed with an arctic grip that will provide traction when encountering uneven, icy surfaces. There’s also solid insulation to protect against dropping temps.

Carhartt Beanie

Go for the classic Carhartt beanie to keep your head warm. It was originally designed as a workwear essential at construction sites and campgrounds, but the thick acrylic yarn makes this hat a warm option for any outdoor activity. Even though it’s not water resistant, the stretchy rib knit will stay-put when zooming 40 MPH through the water.

Helly Hansen Neck Warmer

A day spent outside in the winter isn’t complete without a proper neck warmer. Don’t let your neck feel like it’s on fire in the biting cold of a waterfront winter. This neck warmer is made with a microfleece material and a wind block fabric designed to keep you warm even in the windiest conditions.

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