Boat Insurance for Tournament Anglers

The high-performance nature of tournament angling calls for both speed and power to help beat out the competition. That’s why bass boats are the ideal choice for any angler. They’re quick, efficient, and dynamic enough to navigate the best freshwater fishing spots.

With more speed and power capabilities comes a greater need for quality boat insurance coverage. In fact, most tournament organizations require a higher liability insurance limit before entry.

This can cause a headache for some tournament anglers. Many tournaments will require the angler to have $300,000 or $500,000 of liability insurance. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not increase liability coverage to that amount.

While some insurance companies may not offer these limits to tournament anglers, SkiSafe is pleased to provide this coverage.

Here’s a further look on our boat insurance for tournament anglers and bass outboard boats

What Is a Bass Outboard Boat?

Bass boats are built for fishing, primarily bass fishing or other small catches. They’re usually used in freshwater areas, including lakes, rivers, and streams. Most are powered by an outboard motor, which allows the craft to swiftly move from one spot to another, and a trolling motor, which moves the boat at a slower pace. The trolling motor helps the angler move while fishing.

These types of boats are on the smaller side and feature swivel chairs, allowing anglers to cast out from any angle. Additionally, there are plenty of storage bins for fishing tackle and other equipment, like rods and lures. Most contain a live well that can recirculate water. This is where caught fish are stored and kept alive. It’s the ideal setup for anglers, whether competitive or not.

What Classifies a Fishing Tournament?

A fishing tournament is an organized competition among a group of anglers. An event will take place in a defined body of water, typically freshwater locations, with a specific set of rules and time limit that each angler must abide by.

Tournaments are usually done individually when conducted on land, and a team effort when on a boat.

Many tournaments will determine the results based on the total weight caught of the given fish species. There is also a score given for each fish caught. This score depends mostly on the fish’s weight. In a tag and release competition, there is a flat score given depending on the number of fish caught divided by the strength of the fishing line used.

There is typically a prize given to the top fishermen or teams.

Popular Fishing Tournaments

This sport has vastly evolved from local contests into much larger competitive circuits and series of competitions. In bigger competitions, many of the anglers are professional fisherman and given commercial endorsements. 

Here are some popular fishing tournaments for both professional competitive anglers.

Best Bass Tournaments (Professionals)

How to Get Involved in Competitive Bass Fishing

The best way to get involved in competitive bass fishing and start entering tournaments is to find your local bass club. This can be done on Google and most have Facebook groups to help you stay involved in the community events and other updates.

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Back to regularly scheduled programming – your local bass club will help in a number of ways. You can enroll in bass fishing tournaments through the group and can even meet other anglers who share the same interests as you. If they are more experienced anglers, they may be able to provide you with some advice on the sport and getting started.

Otherwise, you can always check the Bass Tournament Finder online.

Requirements to Enter a Bass Fishing Competition

Requirements and eligibility are big components of bass fishing competitions and failure to comply could lead to disqualification.

Here are some common prerequisites when entering:

1. At Least 16 Years Old

Most tournaments will require applicants to be 16 years of age or older. Proof of age is typically required as well.

2. Proof of Liability Insurance

As mentioned earlier, most if not all bass fishing competitions will require operators to show documentation of a minimum amount of boating liability insurance. The specific amount will vary depending on the tournament, but most require $300,000 or $500,000.

The proof of insurance must typically show that the boat being used in the tournament is covered, as well as the anglers entered. Some tournaments will even conduct a random check of documentation before competition begins, and anyone who does not have proof will be automatically disqualified.

3. Ownership of the Boat 

While some tournaments will allow you to fish from a watercraft belonging to someone else, many do not. In cases like such, proof of ownership will be required upon entry.

4. Entry Fee

Most competitions will come with an entry fee, ranging from around $50 to a few hundred. Most balances and official applications will need to be sent in around 30 days prior to the tournament. Late applications may come with a late fee as well. 

Do I Need Tournament Angler Boat Insurance?

If you already have a boat insurance policy, it’s important to check the policy before entering a competition. You may need to add extra coverage for angling tournaments. Look for terms like “competitive” and “tournament”. Though it’s best to call your insurance company and double check before doing anything. If you have an accident right out of the gate of the tournament, the claim could be denied if this type of coverage has not been added. 

If you plan on entering a bass fishing competition, you will most likely need tournament angler boat insurance. The details of the policy (specifically the liability limit) will vary slightly from standard boat insurance coverage. 

Essentially, you’ll need some extra protection as tournaments come with some unique risks. Luckily, SkiSafe can provide you with that extra coverage for tournament use. This includes a higher liability limit and more protection for your fishing equipment and other gear. In fact, our expertise in boat insurance for tournament anglers allows us to customize the policy based on specific risks.

Tournament Angler Boat Insurance Best Practices

Even if you have tournament-specific boat insurance coverage, it’s best to gain experience operating the bass boat before venturing into a competition.

You want to avoid a claim, plain and simple. Multiple claims could affect your ability to get a high liability policy. A claim-free angler may influence the tournament coverage limit offered.

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