What Is an Underwriter and What Do They Do


Underwriting is a vital component within the insurance industry. It helps companies evaluate risk and determine what they can offer a potential customer. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about underwriters and what they do. 

What Is an Underwriter?

Underwriters work in various types of finance from mortgage lending to the insurance industry. They assess, evaluate, and assume risk for financial organizations. 

Customers going through the underwriting process are likely seeking insurance coverage or a loan. 

Every industry has expert underwriters that understand the intricacies of their field. For example, SkiSafe underwriters utilize their boating knowledge and expertise when quoting and issuing a boat insurance policy. 

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What Do Underwriters Do?

Underwriters review applicant information and evaluate the potential risk. They consider factors like age, experience, previous claims, location, and more. Using this information, underwriters determine the terms of coverage that may be offered

Insurance Underwriting 

Insurance underwriting examines the risk of insuring a home, car, boat or other asset. Underwriters determine whether the applicant meets the requirements needed to qualify for an insurance policy. From there, they will consider the different types of coverages and limits available as well as those requested by the customer  in offering a quote. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the application process of an underwriter, insurance company, or agent/broker. The more you understand the process, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

Boat Insurance Tips 

Boat insurance can provide a financial backstop if the watercraft is damaged or otherwise involved in an accident. It can also protect against the costs associated with an accident or injury to another person that you’re ultimately deemed responsible for.

A boat insurance policy offers coverage for: 

  • Damage to the watercraft.
  • Damage to certain structures and/or personal property added to the policy.
  • Personal liability protection for damage to someone else’s property or an injury to someone else.

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While boat insurance is not required in most states, it is necessary to protect both the watercraft and your wallet. Plus, many outside entities, like lienholders or marinas, will require you to maintain insurance.

How To Get a Quote 

A boat insurance quote provides you with an estimate of how much you’ll pay for coverage. 

There are quite a few ways to get a free boat insurance quote with SkiSafe. You can do it directly online, over the phone, or through an independent insurance agent or broker.


  1. Get boat insurance online: SkiSafe offers free online boat insurance quotes. You can complete the process entirely through our website.
  2. Get a boat insurance quote over the phone: You can also get a free quote over the phone with one of our boat insurance experts. They will walk you through our coverage options, pricing, discounts, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Going through an independent agent or broker: You can also get a boat insurance quote through an independent agent. They can give personalized advice on what type of coverage you need. 


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