Yacht Insurance

A yacht is a significant investment that should provide enjoyment for years.  With yacht insurance from SkiSafe, you can protect your investment so that it will continue to be a source of pleasure long into the future.  At SkiSafe, we understand that yachts require special attention from insurance providers, and our expertise makes us one of the best yacht insurance companies in the marine insurance marketplace.  We work closely with our customers and yacht insurance brokers to provide insurance policies that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of whatever aquatic equipment you have.

SkiSafe offers a full range of policies for boat insurance, with varied coverage options and other types of protection to ensure boats are protected.  However, yacht insurance requires an additional level of care and coverage that is unique to luxury watercraft.  For example, skisafe offers coverage for yachts that includes crew coverage and expert marine claims service that is based on the specific needs yacht owners have when it comes to insurance coverage.  This offers yacht owners complete coverage that other marine insurance companies may not be able to provide.

Complete Yacht Coverage Options

Our yacht insurance policies are designed to provide the finest coverage for your luxury boat, personal property and equipment, as well as protection against liability.  SkiSafe’s yacht insurance includes the following coverage and more:

  • Agreed Value Coverage:  SkiSafe’s agreed value coverage provides that if your yacht is a total loss, we will pay you the agreed value of which you asked us to insure the yacht.  We won’t depreciate your yacht or tell you it is worth any less than this agreed value.
  • Jones Act and Crew Coverage: Liability coverage under SkiSafe’s yacht insurance policy protects you against any obligation arising under the Federal Longshoreman’s and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act.  We also can extend coverage for a captain and crew.
  • Expert Marine Claims Service: SkiSafe’s boat insurance adjusters understand how yacht owners value and protect their luxury property.  That’s why our claims team will work with you and your preferred boat facility to ensure that repairs are completed quickly and effectively to your satisfaction.  Visit our boat claim center to see how easily and efficiently we will handle your claim.

How Much is Yacht Insurance?

SkiSafe is your source for yacht insurance at a cost that will fit your budget and coverage that will fit your needs.  Our specific insurance knowledge will be put to work for you to ensure that your yacht and everything that goes along with it is properly protected and able to continue bringing you enjoyment for the long term.  Your yacht is a big investment, so protect it like one.  Contact SkiSafe today at 1-800-225-6560 to purchase coverage and learn more about our services, or request an online yacht insurance quote.