Fishing And Bass Boat Insurance

Your fishing boat should be a source of enjoyment, not worry.  Let SkiSafe take the worry off your mind with fishing boat insurance or bass boat insurance that will meet your specific needs.  In addition to providing the best bass boat insurance and fishing boat insurance in the industry, we provide personalized service and work closely with your insurance broker to make sure you and your boat have all the coverage you need.  Whether you’re competing in a tournament or just making the most of your weekends, you want to be sure all of your thoughts are on the fish, not your insurance. 

With our years of experience providing exceptional boat insurance, we know the needs of fishing boat and bass boat owners.  SkiSafe can work closely with you to provide you with the exact fishing boat or bass boat insurance at a cost that won’t leave you reeling.  That’s what makes SkiSafe the leader in this industry. 

Complete Coverage for Fishing and Bass Boats

We specialize in providing small fishing boat insurance at a cost that will fit your budget while giving you the most coverage possible.  SkiSafe provides property damage and liability insurance for a low rate and reels you in with features including: 

  • Agreed Value Coverage:  SkiSafe’s Agreed Value coverage provides that if your fishing boat is a total loss, we will pay you the agreed value for which you asked us to insure it.  We will never depreciate your fishing boat or tell you it is worth any less than this agreed value. 
  • Tournament Coverage:  Looking to test your skills against the local fishing competition? SkiSafe’s fishing boat insurance can provide full coverage for your participation in fishing and bass tournaments.  Our team of boat specialists will make sure your boat and equipment are protected and that you maintain any liability required for a tournament.  There’s also never a charge to you for providing the certificate of insurance you need to get into the tournament.  Don’t settle for a boat insurance policy that doesn’t extend coverage for tournament use. 
  • Replacement Cost Coverage:  We extend our replacement cost coverage to your new fishing boat so that if it is a total loss within the first 36 months after you buy it, we will replace it for you with a new version of the same boat, including any features and equipment.  With this replacement cost coverage, we will replace your new fishing boat even if costs more than you paid — that’s what we call total protection. 
  • Fishing Equipment & Gear Coverage:  Our fishing boat customers are never on the water empty-handed, so our policy provides coverage for rods, reels, electronics and other equipment on your boat. 

Don’t let worrying about your insurance coverage get in the way of enjoying your fishing boat or bass boat.  Let us provide you with a free boat insurance quote online or by contacting one of our boat specialists today at 1-800-225-6560.