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Saving Money on Boat Insurance | Part 1

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When shopping for boat insurance, you want proper protection from a reputable company that will provide adequate coverage in the event of an accident. An important factor for most boaters is getting quality insurance at a fair price. Finding marine insurance at a good price tag involves a generous amount of online research and choosing a company that knows boats as well as you do.

There are a few tricks that we’d love to share to help keep down the cost of your boat insurance. 

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Choosing the Right Boat Insurance Company

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So, you’re thinking about buying a boat. You run the numbers to make sure it fits your budget. Let’s say you budget $40,000 for the boat, motor, trailer, and first season’s maintenance. Before signing the papers, you will also want a quote to find out how much your boat insurance may cost. Insurance is likely the smallest expense associated with owning a boat, but arguably the most important as it protects the entire investment.

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