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Why can’t I get a quote online even though I entered all the information?

We try to give you with an immediate quote, but it isn’t always possible. The usual reasons are:

  • We need a recent survey if your boat is over 36’ or if it is an older boat.
  • We may need to review your loss or driving history.
  • Horsepower may be out of range (TIP: do not enter cubic inches).

If you did not get a quote, our underwriters are reviewing your application and will contact you soon.

Why can't I get a quote online even though I entered all the information?

You can use a comparable model to complete the quote and tell us your actual mod-el in the notes section. An underwriter will review the application to make sure it works. Upon activation, the correct model will be reflected on the policy.

Do you accept credit cards online?

Yes. You can pay up to $1,000 with a credit card. You can also pay over the phone or use our secure chat to make a credit card or e-check payment.

Can I view my policy online?


Do you offer a six month or shorter-term policy?

No. Our policies are annual. However, we give a substantial discount for winter lay-up when your boat or PWC is not in use. Your craft is still fully covered for fire, theft, and any other covered risks that may occur while it is laid up. Lienholders require year-round coverage.

Can I insure a boat if another person’s name is on the Title?

No. The policy must be in the name(s) of the Titleholder — not a friend or a relative. If you are not the legal owner you do not have an insurable interest in the craft.

Do I have to be a member of any organization or club to get a policy?


Can I pay my insurance in installments - monthly or quarterly?

If you are on EZPay you can pay 25% down and the balance in 30 days. Otherwise, it is an annual premium.

Can I pay my premium after my cancellation date?

Yes, but you will need to download and submit the No Known Loss Letter [link here] or call us to set it up.

How long does it take to receive a refund if I cancel my policy mid-term?

Within 30 days. [Note: If you paid by credit card, the refund goes back to that account]

If I pay with a credit card or electronic check, when will it post?

The next business day.

I paid through my online banking and it shows the payment went through. Why does it show that I still have a balance due?

There is a gap between the time your bank charges your account and the time we get the check they send us. Paying with an e-check will post much faster.

If my boat is damaged, how do I report it?

Directly online, through your agent or by calling us. You will get immediate acknowl-edgement and instructions, and an adjuster will be assigned to help you get all the benefits of your policy. We move quickly.

If my boat is damaged, where do I have to take it for an estimate to repair?

To any repair facility you want.

Do I need insurance if my boat is low-valued?

Yes. Often, the greatest risk is your potential liability and cost of defending a claim for damage or injury to someone else.

What is the difference between agreed value and actual cash value?

Agreed value is the specific amount that you insured your boat for. It’s like a life in-surance policy on your boat. Actual cash value is determined by its current market value, taking depreciation into account.

How much liability do I need?

More is better, but it is your decision on how much you want to buy. More liability also costs more.

Do you offer water sports liability?

Yes. It is automatically included in your policy.

Is there a limit on how far offshore I can take my boat?

You can go fishing anywhere within the navigational limits of your policy. You can’t go to another country without our prior approval.

What does my homeowner’s policy cover me for?

Homeowner’s policies generally cover the liability for any craft under 26’ and under 50hp.

What basic boat insurance coverage do I need?

Our basic package gives you liability, medical payments, and physical damage to your boat itself. You can also get towing and roadside assistance, and you can select the limits and deductibles that suit your needs.

What is the limit for no-fault medical payments?


Can I let someone else drive my boat and still be covered?

Yes. Unless there is a specific restriction. Commercial use is never covered.

Which discounts does SkiSafe offer?

You can get discounts for a boating safety course, clean driving record, restricted navigation territory, multi-craft, winter layup, experience, and many more that you may be eligible for.

What do I need to bring to the DMV to register my trailer?

An ID card from your auto insurance policy. The liability while your trailer is being towed by your car is covered by your car insurance policy. We cover the trailer itself if it is damaged.

Is my boat still covered during the lay-up period?

Yes. It has to be out of commission and not in use or ready for use. You can remove the layup or contact us to request an exception for temporary use.

If my boat is stolen during the lay-up period, is it covered?

Yes. (Subject to the terms and conditions in your policy)

What is your AM Best rating?

The carrier, AXIS Insurance Company, is rated A+, Class XV (highest) by A.M. Best (AMB # 013034).

How many boaters has SkiSafe insured? How long has SkiSafe been in business?

Over 500,000 boaters and nearly 50 years in business.


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