Spring Boat Launch Checklist - How to Recommission Your Boat

Recommissioning your boat in advance of boating season is an exciting time for any boat owner.  There are certain steps every boater should take in preparation for the season, either independently or in consultation with a qualified marine expert.  The guidelines below can serve as a reference as you prepare to recommission and mechanically service your boat for the season.

Re-Commissioning and Mechanical Service after Winter Lay-Up:

1. Replace raw water pump impellers and gasket
2. Replace engine and transmission cooler zincs
3. Replace engine belts
4. Inspect & clean raw water strainers
5. Inspect hoses and clamps for leaks and corrosion
6. Inspect exhaust elbows
7. Examine all electrical connections on the boat's motor
8. Inspect engine mounts
9. Adjust windshield wipers & replace blades
10. Replace engine heater plugs
11. Service hull sea cocks by removing barnacles and growths, lubricating the sea cocks and confirming proper operation
12. Replace holding tank filter
13. Replace engine air filter
14. Inspect the boat's steering controls & linkage. Lubricate and adjust as necessary.
15. Inspect wear ring & impeller
16. Check the oil cooler for leaks
17. Examine the condition of shaft and boots
18. Clean propeller of growth or barnacles and check for damage to blades
19. Install new zinc
20. Check level of the oil reservoir
21. Prep and paint lower unit as needed
22. Inspect & certify fire extinguishers
23. Before launch, clean all connections, hook up all terminals
24. Apply anti-corrosive product to all connections
25. Test & charge batteries as needed
26. Clean and paint strainers
27. Prep and paint bottom
28. Commission engine at dock; check fluids, cooling and oil pressure
29. Commission fresh water system and fill water tank
30. Test all water systems and remove all non-toxic antifreeze: to include head, shower sump, deck faucet and all spigots in head and galley.
31. Test all mechanical systems for proper operation
32. Check that all electronics function
33. Clean swim platform, boarding ladder and boarding step
34. Soap and scrub bilges and engine pan and replace oil absorbent pads.
35. Re-install exterior cushions and canvas