Routine Maintenance Tips

Striking Submerged Objects

Submerged objects on the lake or offshore always threaten to damage a boat's motor and machinery. While it may appear that the boat escaped collision with a submerged object only damage is a slightly bent propeller, it is often the case that the propeller shaft is also bent and there may even be internal gear or bearing damage. Once a submerged object has been struck it is advisable to have a repair shop examine the running gear to assure that all of the damages have been repaired. Using an engine with damaged parts or alignment issues could lead to more complex problems.


Unless your boat uses a maintenance free battery it is important to monitor the battery's fluid level.  Maintaining the proper electrolyte level in the battery can save you a day of boating.

Propeller Maintenance

The propeller, the propeller shaft and the strut should be cleaned periodically. Even a fine film of marine growth on the propeller and shaft can hurt the performance of a boat and keep the engine from functioning properly.

This is an extreme example of a fouled propeller, propeller shaft and strut. The performance of this boat was severely compromised and the engine could not function properly.

Boat Trailers

It is important to regularly inspect and service the boat trailer.  Worn trailer parts can make it difficult to launch and retrieve the boat and also risk damaging the hull in transport.

Not Just Rust!

Rust stains often indicate a greater issue with your boat.  Upon identifying a rust stain perform a thorough examination of the hull to determine what caused the stain. The stains below are around the strut bolts which indicatessp that the bolts are leaking and need to be caulked. This is a minor problem that can threaten to sink your boat and jeopardize passenger safety if it is neglected.

Boat Lifts

A boat lift is a convenient way to store and use your boat.  However, a boat can be vulnerable on a lift during a heavy squall or windstorm.  The wind can get under the boat and damage both the boat and its lift. It is recommended that the boat be removed from its lift and stored out of harms way during significant weather events.