Boat Winterization Checklist - How to Lay-Up Your Boat

Winterizing your boat requires completing certain actions to safely prepare the boat for off-season storage.  The guidelines below provide some basic tips for reference as you prepare to winterize your boat. Every boater should also consult their manufacturer's specifications or a qualified marine expert to prepare for winterization.

Pre-Winterization Inspection:
1. Inventory the boat's fenders, dock lines, cushions, covers and other equipment
2. Review the boat's condition and report findings
3. Examine electrical and mechanical systems

Winterization and Decomission:
1. Change engine oil & filters (including fuel)
2. Change engine coolant
3. Check & adjust belts
4. Pressure test the cooling system
5. Change transmission fluid & filter
6. Winterize the fresh water system and all appliances
7. Winterize head, including the holding tank & add deodorizer
8. Pump the holding tank
9. Disconnect cables and clean all battery terminals
10. Winterize Refrigeration
11. Winterize Air Conditioning
12. Winterize Salt Water Wash-Down Pump
13. Inspect and clean shower sump and filter
14. Examine discharge pump and filter
15. Remove exterior cushions and canvas