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The Effects of Saltwater | What Is It Doing to Your Boat?

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There is nothing quite like a boating adventure out in the wondrous ocean. However, many freshwater boaters will shy away from the salt tank with the fear of boat corrosion.

It is possible for saltwater boaters to sustain a well-kept boat, if certain precautions are taken. Take a look at some maintenance tips below!

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How Boat Insurance and Boat Maintenance Are Related

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Accidents happen, and when they do, be thankful for your marine insurance (hopefully with SkiSafe.) You’ll have coverage for fire, theft, vandalism, collision on the water or land, and hauling your boat out in advance of a named storm. Maybe you will choose to have coverage for consequential losses or freeze damage. You’ll definitely want coverage for third party liabilities that can arise out of the ownership or operation of your boat.

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Consequential Losses and Boat Insurance

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You probably think the consequence of any loss involving your boat is at best a headache, and at worst a hit to the wallet, not to mention the hours you'll lose on the water while it's in the repair shop. However, what exactly are consequential losses?  

Here’s a simple example that explains how consequential losses and boat insurance are related and why it matters to you. 

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